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30th Legislative District for Sale?

The big money opposing workers rights in this year’s Washington State elections in the Federal Way, Des Moines, and Auburn area.

The more you know about the issues & interests backing a candidate, the more you know about what to expect from them.

A small number of anti-workers rights groups funded by chain restaurants & hotels, giant retailers and other likely suspects are opposing Initiative 1433, which would raise the minimum wage to $13.50/hour over four years and provide up to 7 days of paid sick and safe time to workers in Washington State.

They’re also investing big bucks in this year’s elections for State Legislature in the 30th Legislative District (Federal Way, Des Moines, Auburn), putting  hundreds of thousands of dollars of anti-worker money behind Linda Kochmar (R) and Teri Hickel (R) in their races for State House.

So Washington State voters are asking: what else might be on their agenda — and what candidates are they investing in?



by opponents of Initiative 1433 to raise the minimum wage, and the political funds they back:

(so far)