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And we’re past $1.8 million…

We ran through the PDC reports in key races today, and the new totals show we are up to $1,820,980 in anti-worker money in these races so far from groups opposing Initiative 1433 to raise the minimum wage and the political funds they back.

The #1 most-expensive race continues to be the race for Senate in the 5th Legislative District: anti-worker groups have now invested $369,056 to back Chad Magendanz (R) in his race against Mark Mullett (D), who has receive $6,580 of backing from these groups. Close behind: Lynda Wilson (R) in the 17th Legislative District, who has seen $363,580 in her race against Tim Probst (D), and Steve Litzow (R) in the 41st, who has seen more than $200,000 in his race against Lisa Wellman (R).

Also note the two House races in the 30th Legislative District, where $188,436 has poured in from anti-worker groups for Teri Hickel (R) in her run against Kristine Reeves (D) for the House Position 2 seat, and another $127,446 has been invested in Linda Kochmar (R) in her run against Mike Pellicciotti (D) for the House Position 1 seat.

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